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Choose your weapon 2010
Serigraph edition 25

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Mr Brainwash

Madonna 2011
Mixed media on paper




25 October – 19 November 2011

34 FineArt is proud to announce an exciting Urban Contemporary group exhibition entitled Outside opening on 25 October 2011. After the Gallery's groundbreaking Street/Urban exhibition in 2009, 34FineArt is celebrating the new recognition for Urban/Street Art. Works by internationally acclaimed artists Banksy (UK), RD357 (USA), D*Face (UK), Blek le Rat (FRANCE), AME72 (UK), FAKE (NETHERLANDS), DAL (CHINA), Shepard Fairey (USA), Nick Walker (UK), The London Police (UK), BLU (ARGENTINIAN / Italy), INVADER (FRANCE) and Mr. Brainwash (USA / FRANCE) will be on view next to work by local artists Faith47, Motel7, Jade Doreen Waller, Black Koki, Ello, Jop Kunneke and others.

Street art has developed into a multifaceted ‘movement’, flourishing on the nervous energy of graffiti and stencilling, spray-can art, skateboard culture, hip music and urban fashion. Often a form of dissent against control, Street art has, not surprisingly, been regarded as unlawful and outside the system in most organised communities, travelling a difficult road into the world’s art galleries. Early exponents of Street art like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat paved the way for the current wave of practitioners like Banksy, who now commands enormous prices for his work, and his acknowledged predecessor, Blek le Rat who started out stencilling rats all over the streets of Paris in the 1980s and is acclaimed as a pioneer of contemporary street stencilling, a quick and easy way to reproduce images endlessly. Its evolution into a complex and delicate artistic language is largely attributed to the work of Blek.

London’s Tate Modern staged the first major public museum display of Street art in 2008, featuring works by six internationally recognised artists on the outside walls of the building. MOCA announced recently that the exhibition Art in the Streets, attracted 201,352 visitors from April – August, 2011, making it the highest exhibition attendance in the museum’s history.

The focus of Outside will be on Mr. Brainwash, the moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Pop artist Thierry Guetta who has spent the better part of the last decade attempting to make the ultimate street art documentary. Meanwhile, inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to Paris, with spray painted stencils and posters of his pop art inspired images. He rapidly emerged as a renowned figure on the international street art scene. In June 2008, Mr. Brainwash made his art show debut with one of Los Angeles's most memorable solo exhibitions; Life is Beautiful, held at the historic CBS Studios on Sunset Boulevard. Originally scheduled to open for only two weeks, the exhibit was extended for three months, attracting more than 30,000 visitors.

In 2009, Madonna approached him to design the cover of her greatest hits compilation entitled, Celebration. On February 14th 2010, Mr. Brainwash made his New York solo debut as he unveiled Icons, a 15,000 square-foot exhibition in the heart of Manhattan's Meatpacking District. The sold-out show was extended until early May 2010. Not only were major collectors acquiring Mr Brainwash's works but also prestigious auction houses including Christie's and Phillips were selling his work. Considered as one of the most prolific and talked about artists of today, Mr. Brainwash is also the subject of Banksy's documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010. Using Guetta's street art footage, Banksy eventually turned the camera on the only man who ever filmed him. During the exhibition which will close on 19 November, 34FineArt will screen this Oscar nominated documentary at the Gallery.

D*face, a London-born artist, is a member of the younger generation of graffiti artists with growing international reputations. Skateboarding is revered as a quintessential, almost mythical Street art activity. A selection of images on skate decks and sculls by D*face, Norman Catherine, Jade Doreen Waller, Motel7 and others will also be on exhibition.

This exhibition at 34FineArt promises to be one of the most exciting art happenings in South Africa in 2011.

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